Friday, February 27, 2015

How to get the best "Bang" for your buck when buying makeup

So every woman (and many men!) love makeup, and would be lost without it - but sometimes when we shop for makeup, we have a limited budget, but WANT. IT. ALL. So how do we narrow down that list to get the most products that will give you the most "complete" look without sacrificing dollars?

I'll tell you!

(Being a bit of a scrooge and wanting the most for my money pays off!)

Rather than shopping for individual items, look at things like "palettes", sets, collections, and kits. Every makeup brand is going to have at least 1 item if not more that are the "most popular" items. You may or may not have found your way to shopping at one of these brands because of a particular item that caught your eye. But, before you jump the gun and rush to the checkout with that 1 item in your hand, take a look at the value of what a set or bundle may have to offer.

You could say, "But why should I physically spend more, when I can just get this 1 thing for less?"

Well, You certainly can, but chances are, if you are like most people, as you browsed through the website, or the actual makeup counter, *something* else caught your eye. Sure, you may be able to resist, and promise that you'll come back for it another time, but will power is something hard to come by for most will haunt your dreams!

so take a moment to look at the collections - Typically, you can try many products for less than the cost of buying each of the contained products individually.

For example, Benefit cosmetics now has a "Make Your Own" kit, which has a cost of $79 - There are 4 full size products in the kit, and you can choose which items, and in which shades you want it. If you look at the individual item cost of EACH of those items, they add up to over $100.00 - so you're saving at least $20 bucks, which is like getting one of the products for free.

These types of kits are great if you want more than one item, and you just need to figure out how to get everything you want, and still not pay full price for each item.

Another way to do this, is to check Sephora - they have a variety of makeup brands, and often put together value sets, such as "Sephora Favorites" - sometimes the products are full size, and sometimes they are smaller sample sizes, but you still get great value for the amount of product.

Aside from just getting quantity though, I always look at kits to fit 2 basic needs: 1.) if it has a little of everything to be able to do a full face makeup application  - suchs as some kind of concealer or foundation, mascara, liner, shadow, and something for the lips. Or 2.) if I have some products and just need something for the lips and eyes, or just the eyes...somehow if it's a complete "set" in some way, will make it more attrative to me - I'll feel like I'm getting everything I want, and nothing I don't for the money i'm spending.

Younique has some fantastic bundles that will be going away after tomorrow (with new completely different ones replacing them!) such as:

This is the Singular Sensation collection - this is exactly what I was talking about - if someone was new to Younique, and wanted to get a "true feel" for the makeup, this would be the BEST kit for them to purchase because it has a complete makeup set for your whole face: It has the Mineral Touch foundation, 1 mineral eye pigment (the customer can choose the shade from 32 colors), 1 precision eye pencil in the color of their choice, 1 lip liner in the color of their choice, a set of the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, and a lucrative lip gloss in the color of their choice. These products add up to a $118.50 value, for $99.

The Overall BEST value, and "Bang for your buck" though, would come from the NEW Presenter's kit with Younique - it has a little of everything, and even more than what you see above!

The New Kit which is available starting March 1, 2015 is a $215.50 value for $99: it has the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, THREE Pigments, TWO eye pencils, 1 lip liner, THREE high quality eye brushes, 1 lucrative lip gloss, and 1 Divine Daily Moisturizer. Not only do you save over $100 on this kit, but you also, as a presenter, get 20% commission on every sale you make...which includes your own purchases - That is the same as getting a constant 20% discount on anything you buy! Even better? as a presenter, you can still host your own virtual parties and still get all the hostess rewards ON TOP of the commission!!

what does that mean in terms of saving Money on makeup?

when you earn hostess rewards, you get both YCash, which is free product credit equivalent to dollar value. You also get HALF PRICE ITEMS. This isn't such a big deal is you're buying an eye pencil, or just 1 small thing, but you can get the HUGE collections for 50% OFF! Things like the "Gimme Everything" collection which retail for $290 - you can get this for $145 - that is a savings of $145 with hostess credits!!! and the shades are all customizable!

So next time you need or want a few items, before you go grab them and run to the checkout, take a peek at whatever collections are offtered, because there may be one that has everything you were about to buy, and an extra item or two, which would be like getting somthing free! You never know unless you look!

NEW products, catalog, and collections coming on SUNDAY 3/1/15!! 


Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 Pantone Color of the Year: Marsala - get it with Younique!

The Pantone color of the year has been named in "Marsala" - a brownish-red hue that is sure to be seen from the nightclubs to runways this year.

You can get this look with Younique! Try our new pressed mineral Blushers with intense pigment in "Seductive"

and pair it with this eye look using one of my ALL-TIME favorite Mineral eye pigments: Heartbroken!

Top off your eye look with the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara to give your eyes that WOW FACTOR

Lastly - get the perfect pout with Pompous Precision Lip pencil Paired with Lucrative lip Gloss in "Luscious"

Also - Younique's Long-Lasting Lip stains! Grab one in Sleek and pair it with a lucrative lip gloss to get that added shine!

To grab any or all of these amazing products, Shop my open party here:

*I am always looking for party hostesses, or new team members! You can Book an online party, or Join my team through the same link above - just click on PARTY or JOIN!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Newsletter, and New Product announcements!! and Lots of Great Younique info!

Hi everyone!

Everyone who has previously purchased Younique products through me, I have added you to my newsletter so that you can be kept up to date with new happenings with Younique! Anyone new and reading this, you can enter your email on the navigation pane on the right, and all of my updates to this blog will be automatically emailed to your inbox so you don't miss anything!

Lots to update you on!

As February comes to a close, we have 4 days only remaining to grab the limited edition "Love It" bundle and earn DOUBLE Party points for any orders placed in the last days of February!

The "Love It" Bundle contains the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, a Lucrative Lip Gloss in "Lovesick" (which is a sheer pinkish/red with a touch of shimmer) and the super popular Precision eye pencil in "Passionate" which is a Bright purple! The Bundle is $50 (for $60 worth of product!)

Coming in March! 4 More days!! We have a NEW Catalog, 6 New Products joining the ranks, some amazing new collection kits, and a NEW Presenter's kit! The New products: "Splurge" Creme Shadow, a new Creme shadow brush, "Stiff Upper Lip" Lip stains, Bronzer, Blending Buds, and "Shine" Makeup remover wipes can all be purchased individually, or all together in a new cute bundle! The Bundle is $115 ($140 value)

and the new collections are absolutely AMAZING! They have a little bit of everything, and are completely CUSTOMIZABLE!! You can choose which shades you want of each item (where shade selection is applicable) to truly make this a kit that is perfect for you, or for someone special as a Gift! The Pucker Up set is all about the Lips - choose 2 lip stain shades for long lasting matte color that nourishes your lips, 2 Shades of Lucrative Lip Gloss, and 2 shades of Precision Lip Liners! It also comes with a sharpener for the liners, and a cute makeup bag! $99 ($111.50 value)

The "Show Stopper Kit" which looks AWESOME has a little bit of everything, and is a great deal for the price! $155  ($177.50 value) - comes with 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, Bronzer (choose your shade), Mineral Touch Foundation (Choose your shade), Lip stain (choose your shade), 2 Mineral Pigments (choose your shades), 2 precision eye pencils (choose your shades), a sharpener, and a makeup bag!

The About Face is ALL about the face! $175 ($212 value) comes with the BB Cream (choose your shade), Uplift Eye serum (Botox in a bottle!), Pressed mineral blusher (choose your shade), Mineral concealer (choose your shade), Blending Buds, a Blusher Brush, and a cute bag!

and Finally, what I am MOST excited about - the NEW Presenter's kit! $99 (215.50 value!) Comes with a beautiful makeup case, a shade stick (for foundation/concealer matching), the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, 2 Precision Eye Pencils (in Pristine and Perfect), 1 Precision Lip Pencil in (Pompous), 3 Mineral Pigments, 1 Lucrative Lip Gloss (Lethal I believe), 1 Divine Daily Moisturizer, 1 shade/angle brush, 1 deluxe eye brush, 1 crease brush - and of course your starting White status charm! These are all FULL SIZE products that are YOURS to use. The point of the presenters kit, is so that you as a presenter have an opportunity to dive into the products and get to know them so that you can talk about them and have a familiarty. You CAN use them to demo if you do home parties, but that is your choice. This business is designed to be marketed and sold online though "Virtual" parties, elminating the need for travel and do traditional "Cash and carry" methods for parties. That is in the past! The only investment is the $99 for your kit!

And just to explain on how being a presenter works: Once you Join (which you can do from my Presenter page HERE) You pay for your kit, and it gets shipped out to you. Younique will email you with a link with your personal website. This is the website you will use for sales! You will also get an email from Payquicker (which is just like Paypal) to verify your account. When someone makes a purchase through your Younique presenter page, the 20% commission will get deposited into your payquicker account within 3 hours of that sale! When you've earned $50 in commissions, they will automatically issue you a visa debit card that is linked to your payquicker account. You can use your debit card anywhere Visa is accepted using the funds in your payquicker account. Parties are all done on social media (mostly facebook).

People can click "Party" on your Younique presenter's page, and schedule a party. You will get notified by email when this happens, and you should then reach out to that person and create a closed group for them on facebook and tell them to invite their friends. From there, you post about the products (since you are now familiar with them), Post photos, videos, articles, play games - whatever you want - to keep people engaged and showing off the products. When people place orders through the hostess' party link, you as the presenter earn 20% commissions on all sales, and the hostess earns Points. In order for a party to "qualify" (which means the hostess is eligible for rewards) she must earn 2000 points. Points are calculated on item cost x 100. For example, the Fiber Lash mascara is $29 - This would earn the hostess 290 points when someone buys it. Below I have a chart that shows the breakdown in how hostess rewards are earned:

Is it worth it to host a party? ABSOLUTELY! If you are a woman, chances are you have friends/family who love makeup, and will be interested in learning about makeup that is natural, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, latex-free, and Cruelty-free! If they buy, you could get YCash toward free product AND half price items (This is good on big collections! 50% off on $155 is only $$77.50!) Also, the products are great for all ages!

Is it worth it to become a presenter? ABSOLUTELY! You get a >50% discount on a makeup kit (presenter kit $99, valued at $215), and you can either buy products through your own page, essentially giving you a constant 20% discount on anything you buy, or if other people buy, you earn money! You don't lose anything if you can't make it work - you can an awesome makeup kit, for half price. I will be PERSONALLY training all of my team though, so I have faith that you can make it work! I will say, In the first month I joined, I achieved yellow status, had one presenter already under me, and already made a few hundred in commissions. I also now make 25% commisions now that I am at Yellow status. If *I* Can do it, with a full time job, and two 8 month old can you!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Mystery Hostess Raffle Party!

So I am sharing this party across ALL of my Social Media sites...I am doing a Raffle Mystery Hostess Party!

What does that mean?

It means, that by completing certain tasks, you get "chances" to win the grand prize, which is ALL of the hostess rewards from the party when the party closes on 3/1/15!

What do I have to do?

If you are using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or Tumblr - you can participate! When you see my posts on those sites which are located here:
@BreeYounique on Twitter
@TheDeviousDiva on Instagram
@YouniqueByBree on Tumblr  on Google+

complete the above tasks based on the number of chances you wish to have at winning! The party link if you would like to place an order to increase your chances at winning is:

**In order for there to be Hostess Rewards, the party needs to be a "qualifying" party - which means there needs to be at least $100 worth of orders total in the party to qualify.

The winner will be drawn at the close of the Party, and then contacted through whichever medium the winner participated through!

The more people participate, the bigger the possible winnings!


Share this with all of your Makup Loving Friends!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Why I joined Younique, and why you should too - Updated!


Some people may be wondering why I decided to join Younique - some of you may be curious about the possibility yourselves, so here are the top 10 Reasons why I joined Younique:

1.) I tried the products and REALLY liked them. They are High quality, and the shades (colors) are amazing. Have you seen my lashes?!

and for a live visual...

2.) I’m ALWAYS looking for a deal, and the Presenter’s Kit is $99, but has $215 worth of Product:

  •        A set of 3D Fiber Lashes - $29 retail
  •        Moodstruck Precision Pencils - $15 EACH (there are THREE - 2 for eyes, and 1 for lips)
  •        Divine Daily Moisturizer - $39 retail
  •        Moodstruck Minerals Pigments (3) - 12.50 EACH retail
  •        Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lovesick - $15 retail
  •        3 Eye brushes (deluxe, crease, and liner/shader) - $50 combined retail
  •        A Younique Makeup case

3.) This is all sold via Social Media – I don’t have to make time to travel to people’s houses to do parties. I can do all of this with my PHONE!

4.) 20% commission on all sales to start is not bad! It moves up to 25% after $1000 in sales, and then eventually to 30%! PLUS you will earn a % commission on all sales from people in your downline! As THEY succeed, YOU Succeed!

5.) I work full time already, and have kids…I don’t have time for a second job, but would love to be able to put a little $$ in the kids accounts when I can. THIS will help me do just that!


7.) There really was no unreasonable conditions in regards to what you are expected to achieve to remain active – really just get $125 in sales over a 3 month period…I did that my first week! So not a problem! Remaining active is also good even if you are using your presenter website to make personal purchases just for yourself - that means, if you are a makeup junkie like me, you will always get 20% back on every order you place through your presenter website, which is the same as getting a 20% discount. And what woman doesn't like a bargain?!

8.) You are not “locked” in – you can leave the business anytime you want, you just have to give 30 days notice. That’s pretty much just the professional standard anywhere you work, so again, no problem! (but, even then, if you just don't make sales, eventually you will no longer be active, your website won't work anymore, and you won't get the discount...that is really all that happens. Your downline will also shift to the person above you.)

9.) INSTANT COMMISSION PAYMENTS. This is HUGE. In some other direct sales I’ve done in the past, you had to wait until you’ve reached a certain amount of commissions before they would cut you a check – with Youniqueyou get paid INSTANTLY! Within 3 hours of every sale to be exact! They set you up with a payquicker account (just like paypal) and your commissions go right in there. From there, you can transfer it to any bank account you want! Also – when you earn at least $50 in commissions, they will issue you a debit card that is linked to your payquicker, so you have access to your money 24/7 – you can also use it ATM’s! 

10.) This company also has a very important mission to uplift and empower women. They take this so seriously, that they founded the Younique Foundation, which is a center for the healing of sexually abused women.

I’d love to have you join my team! I will provide you with training, and Younique will set you up with the rest – from there, all you need is a drive to succeed! 

Go to my presenter page, and click “JOIN”


When 2 things you love Collide: Makeup and Helping Other Women in Need.

When most people hear the name Younique, they think of all of the gazillions of Mascara posts all over the internet. Yes, the Fiber lash mascara is wildly popular, and yes, it is THAT GOOD, and yes, it is a direct sales company who are always recruiting new presenters.

But there is a little known fact about Younique (except it seems for those of us who have already become involved with the company, or know someone who is) Younique's mission of uplifting and empowering woman does not just stop at making a woman feel beautiful because of her makeup - They actually donate a large portion of their proceeds towards the Younique Foundation, which is a new center for sexually abused women. 1 in 3 woman, statistically, will be, or has been sexually abused by the age of 12. It's a terribly sad and tragic statistic, and one that we may not be able to change, but what Younique can do, is try to help those woman who have been affected by giving them someplace to go to heal, from the inside out.

I can tell you my personal reasons for joining the Younique family, and I will, in a separate post, but I wanted to share this face about Younique with you all, since to me, it seems so much more important than the product they sell, and that message gets lost in translation among the copious posts about how amazing the 3D Fiber lash mascara is.

Please take a moment to watch this couple minute video of CEO and Co-Founder of Younique, Derek Maxfield, talk about this special commitment, and why it's so important to the company:

If you would like to learn more about this amazing company, you can email me at, or you can join my team as a presenter by going to my Presenter page and clicking "JOIN".