Saturday, September 12, 2015

3D Fiber Lashes+ Giveaway! Enter for your chance to win!!

Hey Everone!

I have a brand new set of 3D Fiber Lash Mascara that I am going to giveaway to 1 lucky winner!

So here is how you enter:

From today 9/12/15 through next Friday 9/18/15 if you book a FREE ONLINE social media party with me, your name will be entered into the drawing!! I will be choosing a winner on Saturday 9/19/15! The winner will be notified via email, and lashes will ship right away!

Click this link to book your party - it's as easy of clicking a link! And it's free!!

Drawing Rules: You must be 18 years old, and live in one of the Sponsored Younique Territories: USA, UK, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, or Germany. Contest will run until 9/18/15.

If you read my previous post on 10 reasons to host a party, you would know that there is no downside to hosting a party, and it's FREE - the upsides being that you could get hostess rewards towards free makeup or skin care products...who doesn't like free stuff?!? And it's all done over social media so you don't even have to clean your house...WIN! And you may just learn a technique or makeup trick that you never knew!

So, book a party with me this week, and get entered to win some free fiber lashes, and we'll party and maybe you will earn some amazing hostess credits too! Bonus!

I recently just closed out a party that had $70 in YCash (product credit) and 3 half priced items!! (Yes, those half priced items can be used on sets and collections too!!!) that a lot of majorly discounted product and FREE makeup! And just to be clear, you can use your YCash and half price items on ANYTHING you choose!

Good luck!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

My Younique Story...everyone has their own reasons for joining - what's yours?

hello my lovelies!

You have probably seen my previous post about Why I Joined Younique, and you should too - but I wanted to elaborate on that a bit, because it's truly hard to put into words all the reasons I joined. Sone of those reasons were small, but some were big - and everyone's reasons may be different. Younique has all types of presenters, from those who join just for the $99 makeup kit (yes, you can really do that!) to those who just do it here and there on the side, but aren't putting 100% in to it, to those who go full throttle and climb to the top!

So I made a video where I could personally tell you more about the process:

If you are interested in joining, you can do so HERE:

So let me ask you this - if you were to join, what would be your reason? What do you want to achieve? Please comment below and tell me! I love hearing about different people's perspectives!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Splurge Cream Shadow by Younique...Simply Gorgeous!

If you have not yet heard about how amazing the Splurge Cream shadows are from Younique, well, I am going to tell you...


Currently, there are 7 shades available, with 5 more on the way!

First, let me say that a teeny, tiny bit of this, goes a LONG way. This will last you a very long time! The formula is such that when you apply it, it does not migrate to the creases in your eye - it's creaseless! It also lasts all day long. I seriously apply my makeup every morning around 8am, and it's still going strong when I take my makeup off before bed (using my SHINE wipes, of course!)

Younique does also sell a Cream shadow brush for application, but honestly, I usually use my fingertip to apply a very small amount, because it gives a more diffused look that's all personal Preference though. The cream shadow is $26 each, or three for $70 and the brush is $15. The New Presenter's kit comes with both a Splurge cream shadow (In Tenacious) and a brush along with many other amazing products for just $99*

So back to the Splurge cream shadow - I am the proud owner of 2 of the current 7 shades, and I love them both! I have Elegant and Noble:


And Noble:

and to get a better idea (skin test) of how all the current shades (minus the new one - Extravagant), Here is how they all look on the skin!:

Serious, SERIOUS Sparkle! I have and love shimmer shadows, but these are beyond that...these make my eyes sparkle like diamonds!

If you love Shimmer shadows, and love long wearing makeup that is easy to remove, you NEED these in your life!

The newest member of the cream shadow brigade is "Extravagant" which falls somewhere between Elegant and Tenacious:

 and there are still 5 more coming!! There will be a turquoise blue, a forest green, a black, a royal purple, and a coral pink!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What $99 will get you in Younique Makeup...

Want to see what $99 will get you with Younique?

3D Fiber Lashes+
(Yes, you get TWO 3D Fiber Lashes+ until Younique sells 1 Million lashes!)
Shadow Palette #1
Opulence Lipstick in "Upscale"
Lucrative Lip gloss in "Lovesick"
Precision Eye Liner in "Perfect"

Splurge Cream Shadow in "Tenacious"
Cream shadow Brush
Plus, you get a Makeup Case, a Blusher sampler, a Mineral Pigment sampler, a Bronzer sampler, and a skin care sampler!!!
this is over $250 worth of Products....for $99 and FREE SHIPPING!!
So how do you get this deal you ask?
I'll tell you!
You Join Younique as a Presenter! As long as you are at least18 years old, anyone can join! There is no other fees, nothing else you have to buy, and the best part? You don't have to do any sales if you don't want to - You can sign up, just to get this great makeup collection for $99. You will have a free website, that should you choose, you can send to friends so if they order, you will get 20% commission...or you can just use your website to make personal purchases for yourself, which you will always get 20% money back on because of the commissions...this is the same as a 20% discount!
what happens if you join, get this kit, and do NOTHING else?
NOTHING! your website will go inactive after 3 months, and that is all. The Kit is yours from the moment you buy it, and it's encouraged that you dive in and use all the products! You don't ever have to return it, it's yours to do what you want with!
The colors of the products that come in the kit are NOT customizable though, unlike when you buy one of the collections...however, that is a small price to pay when you get a $250+ makeup kit for $99!! And honestly, the colors are pretty neutral and universally flattering, so WIN!
If anyone has any questions, just email me at:, or drop a comment here and I will answer it!
I am looking for ladies who want to join my team! The only requirements are to love makeup, have $99 bucks (plus tax) to spend, and are at least 18 years old, and living in any of these countries: USA, UK, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico (Mexican residents can join starting next month!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Are you in Germany and want to become a Younique Presenter? Join here! BEITRETEN!

Hello my German Sisters!

If you have been hearing about Younique, and want to become a Younique Presenter, I am looking for German women to JOIN MY TEAM! You simply click the link, which will take you to my presenter page, and you click JOIN - which I have directly linked for you.

You will need to create a Younique account (Free), which you can log in with using Facebook, or Google+, and then you can join! You put in your name, shipping information, and agree to the presenter's agreement, and then you will be prompted to purchase your Presenter's Kit for 107 Euros.  This kit includes: ( *The $99 shown is in USD for USA Presenters)

Starting today, September 1, 2015 you can Now Join as a presenter (which was available to German residents from August 1, 2015), but now you can Host virtual parties, and sell to other German Residents!

If you are a German resident, and you are not interested in Joining, but would love to purchase some Younique products, you can also purchase them from my website HERE. There is an option  at the top right of my Webpage that will allow you to change the language and layout of the website to your own language! this will also convert all of the prices for you too!

Simply click the image of the USA flag in the top right corner, and choose your country and language! the website will refresh for an easier shopping experience for you!


Younique September 2015 Monthly Kudos - Lip Mix!

The New September Monthly Kudos is Here!!

Choose any THREE Lipstains and 1 Lucrative Lipgloss for $66 - this is essentially like getting a Lucrative Lip gloss for Free!

These shades and lip colors are made to be used either alone, or together!

For example, layer Sultry and Savvy Lip stains then use Lucky Lucrative Lip Gloss as a topcoat for added shine and depth!

One of my favorite layered lip looks is Sleek Lip stain topped off with Lovesick Lucrative Lip gloss! Also, I love Sultry topped with Livid Lucrative lip gloss! so many amazing combinations to choose from!

The Lip gloss always layered amazingly well with the Moodstruck Precision Lip pencils too!


New Products are Here! Come join my Fall "Back to School" Makeup Party!

Fall is my absolute most favorite time of year! Time for kids to go back to school, and time to pull those sweaters and cozy boots out of storage!

What better way to celebrate fall, than with a fresh fall makeover! I have a party that just started that is open to anyone and totally public, so here is your chance to grab these awesome products!!

I just ordered the Cloud Nine Collection, because it's a great way to try ALL of these new products in one great collection!! If you are new to Younique, this is the collection to Grab!! It's $145, BUT if you host a party with me on Facebook, or whatever social media site you use, and your party gets at least $200 in orders, you qualify for hostess credits! You will get a MINIMUM of $20 in Ycash to spend on whatever products you choose, AND at least 1 half-priced item! This half-priced item can also be used on collections!! I just got this collection for $72.50 using one of my half-priced item credits from a previous party I hosted! You can't go wrong!!

This collection (as are all of our collections) fully customizable - you choose which shadow palette you want, which shades of foundation and concealers, which shades of brow gel and liner, and which lipstick shade!! AND it comes with a set of the new 3D Fiber Lashes+!!! This set alone can give you a complete face makeup!!

and can we talk about the lips?! I am absolutely dying over these gorgeous lip colors for the Opulence lipstick line...I mean, did you see how stunning that hot pink one is?! I can't really pull off hot pink, but damn, that color is Gorgeous! There are great shades from nudes, to pinks, to red, and burgundy/browns for every single skin tone.

I think, oddly enough, the product I am most excited to try is the brow gel and liner!! Check out this demo...I can go from almost non-existant eyebrows! and they look good!!

other items that are NEW and available today are the NEW September Kudos, which I will do a separate Blog post on, as well as a new shade of Splurge cream shadow! This shade is called Extravagant, and is somewhere in the middle between Elegant and Tenacious.

 and then there is the new September monthly Kudos! the Lip Mix! Grab any three lipstains, and 1 Lucrative Lip gloss of your choice for $66 - that is essentially getting you the Lip gloss for FREE!

You can create some gorgeous lip looks with this little set!

Want to see all of Younique's current products and shades? Check out the new online Catalog HERE!

Come on over and Join the Party!