Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ten Reasons why YOU should host a Younique party

So you've heard about Younique on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, twitter, Pinterest, etc....You know that it is some sort of makeup, and something about eyelashes, but you have no idea beyond that.

Well, it is makeup, but there is skincare products too. And YES - the Lashes are a "Thing".

*I will say as a side note, that there is an inordinate amount of *crappy* Lash selfies floating around where honestly, it will make someone think twice about buying the product because in some pictures, the lashes look clumpy and/or like spider legs. I am happy to report to you, however, that this is simply user error, that that there are a whole lot of folks who simply have bad mascara application skills.*

If you apply the Mascara properly, and you use amazing inventions like lash combs, you'll get amazing results that are not spidery in the least. I am not a makeup artist, just a regular person who knows how to correctly apply Mascara:

With that being said, what is all this business about Hosting parties? Why should you bother?

I'll tell you.

When you host a party that qualifies (gets at least $200 in orders), you as the hostess will then earn YCash based on a precentage of your party order totals that you can redeem towards product. In addition to YCash, you will also get half-priced items, anywhere from 1-4 items are possible per party.

So why Should I? 

1.) If you love makeup, hosting an ONLINE party through social media website is a means to getting free and/or deeply discounted Younique products. This is a no brainer. Younique is kind of pricey, but it's *very* high quality, and after having been using it daily for the last 5 months straight, I can honestly say, it's the best makeup and skin care products I have ever used. And I've used a LOT. Brands like Bare Minerals, Clinique, Urban Decay, Tarte, Benefit, Mac, and even drugstore brands like Physician's formula, Loreal, Maybelline, and Revlon. My skin has never glowed like this before. Use your hostess rewards and grab some of those big collections (lots of makeup!) for half price!!

2.) So you are NOT a makeup lover, but you DO care about your skin, and want to at the least make sure it is clean and moisturized and (hopefully) blemish-free. Well, Younique has all of that too, and these products are amazing! They really do give you brighter, clearer skin that is soft and moisturized! Yes, they are pricey, but again - Host a party and use your rewards to get these items!! There are Facial Cleansers, Shine facial wipes (like a mini facial, and removes makeup), Divine Daily Moisturizer, Refreshed Rosewater, and the ever popular Uplift Eye serum (hello Botox!)

3.) I am interersted in trying the 3D Mascara everyone's been raving about, but I don't have/don't want to spend $29 for something that will make my lashes look like Spider legs...though I am curious about it anyway. Scroll up to see my statement about crappy lash selfies. I 100% can assure you, this is not representative of the product, just individuals with poor mascara application skills. If you are curious, and don't have the money, or just aren't sure if you want to spend your hard-earned money on something like this - this is the BEST reason to host a party....those hostess rewards that you'll earn when your makeup loving friends order can be used to either get you the 3D Lashes for FREE if you earn $29 in Y Cash (The minimum Y Cash you'd earn is $20, so the more orders over $200 your party gets, the more YCash you earn!) If you use Ycash toward your 3D Lashes, you just pay tax and shipping, which is like 5 bucks. NBD.

4.) You may have friends/family who are looking for a specific type of product - one that Younique offers for sale - that they may not know about. If you host an online party, and invite them to shop via a facebook wall post, or group, or by texting out a party link, you may help them discover their "Holy Grail" item. At the same time you're helping out your friends, They will be earning you those hostess rewards!

5.) If you are "Old School" and aren't into online parties, You can also host a Younique party at your house (or at a restaurant, or other venue) as a means to actually have a REAL social interaction with your friends! This is a great idea especially for Brides to be, since it's an excuse to get together with the girls and have drinks, but also, if the bride is the hostess, she will earn the hostess rewards which she can then use to buy some makeup for the Big day! I am specifically located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts - so if you are within about 1 hour's drive of me, in any direction, I am totally willing to come to your house and party like it's 1999...Just email me at to set something up! If you like this idea, and don't live within an hour of me, you can use the Younique zip code search to find a Presenter closer to you and see if they are willing to do home parties.

6.) You are afraid your friends will get annoyed at being invited to another online party where you want them to buy something. This is something a lot of people worry about, but in reality, it's not a big deal. You know your friends well enough (I hope) to know which friends may be receptive to a certain kind of product, and which ones more than likely won't have any interest. You can choose who you want to invite to the party if it's in a Facebook group format, or you can simply share a link on your wall - those who are interested will check it out, and those who aren't are free to ignore it. If it's in a Facebook group format, and you add those who you think may be interested, they still have the option to leave the group if it's something they aren't interested in. Either way, No one will actually get MAD at you for inviting them. They'll either click on it to have a look or they won't - I guarantee, there will be no ill will, or grudges! So if you want to try and get those hostess credits, go for it! You never know...sometimes those who ignore posts for a while have a subconscious desire to come back and give it a try!

7.) You are curious about the possibility of joining Younique as a presenter, but want to get a better feel of the products before you decide whether or not you want to stand behind, and sell these products. The best way to do this, is to host a party - you will get first hand experience on being a party hostess (which, as a presenter, you will be hosting parties all of the time!) and you'll be able to see how the parties work, and use as a reference point, on how to manage your own parties when you are a presenter (if you decide to take the plunge). Also, with the hostess rewards, you can get a lot more products than you normally would be able to get for the same dollar value, which will help you build up your own inventory, and also to really get a good feel of lots of different products. Even if you already have decided that you are going to become a Younique presenter, Host a party first with the person you are planning to join under (I'm taking on new presenters too, so if you are interested, host a party with me first, and then take the plunge!) In addition, it's also a good way to get to know your sponsor better before joining. You will get a bird's eye view on how they work their business, and how hands on they are with their potential this someone you want to work with? If not, you can always find another presenter to join under that you feel will be a better match for your needs.

8.) You want to learn a lot more about the products. Sometimes even just emailing a Younique presenter will only get you so much information. You may not even have questions about certain products, but if you host a Younique party, I guarantee, you will learn things about these products you didn't know, and also lots of tips and tricks! For example, you may be interested in the Glorious face and eye primer - even if you contact a presenter, they will probably tell you how great it is, and point you to a link on their site where you can buy it. The website will tell you what's in it, and what it's basic function is. But, in a party, you might learn that a lot of Presenters actually use it in their hair as a smoothing gloss for fly-aways and added shine! It's not what the product is intended for on the website, so you wouldn't get that information without a party atmosphere. Also, video tutorials!

9.) It REALLY helps with gifting. When you host a party, and invite a lot of friends and family members, and you get conversations going around products, you can find out through your friend's comments which products they are really interested in - and if they have a birthday coming up? You'll know exactly what to get them, and know that they will like it! I've seen many comments from certain friends of mine that they are really interested int he 3D Fiber lashes, but for whatever reason, they haven't pulled the trigger in buying it yet. I know what they will be getting for Christmas!

10.)You Desperately want to try the NEW and improved 3D Fiber Lashes + that is hitting the virtual shelves on July 15th 2015 - because this is the Mascara to end all mascaras...and it will ONLY be available through official younique presenters! It's still $29, and will fully be replacing the current version of the 3D Fiber Lashes, but you want to get your greedy little hands on it NOW because you want to be the first of your friends to try it, and also who wouldn't want to have the best lashes at a party?! So by hosting a party NOW, you get your hostess rewards lined up and when the new Lashes go on sale on July 15th, BAM - you have YCash and half priced items waiting to be redeemed!

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