Monday, June 1, 2015

What just 5 days of Shine Makeup wipes can do for your Skin!


I just HAD to share these results with you, because not only am I extremely happy about this, but is just shows how versitile, and how much use you really can get out of the Shine Makeup remover cloths! 

So I use just ONE cloth to remove my entire makeup from my face at night before I go to bed. I then take that SAME wipe, because there are still skin nourishing oils left in it and rub it on my hands to soften my skin. I started doing this one night, because - well, why not! And we all know how dry your hands can get coming out of a colder season. Granted, it's summer now, but my hands were always perpetually dry, especially because I work in a lab which means LOTS of hand-washing, and I also have 2 babies at home.

So Here is my BEFORE picture of my hands. You can see how dry they are, and all the fine lines and wrinkles. My hands felt rough. And I know, my rings need cleaning...LOL.

So I started rubbing my makeup remover clothes on my hands before I tossed them at night after removing my makeup. After just FIVE days, I couldn't believe how much smoother, supple and genuinely moisturized my hands felt and looked!!

Here is the after photo:

I no longer need to keep a tube of hand cream in my purse (which of course inevitably explodes all over my keys and wallet every time I do this!) because my hands are truly moisturized deep down.

Now I want you to imagine what it will mean for your face, if you are getting results like this on your hands!! I can tell you - Super hydrated beautiful skin. 

I made a video so you can see how to use these wipes to remove your makeup, and how effectively it does take it off, like I said, with just 1 wipe! Even the 3D Fiber Lashes!!

My "routine" that I follow, is to use the Illuminate Facial cleaner in "Clean" (white tube) on my face every morning in the shower, massaging it in for about 1 minute before rinsing. I apply my makeup after my shower. Yes, you read that right. I DON'T NEED TO MOISTURIZE MY FACE FIRST! (Although if you still want to, Younique has a fantastic light daily Moisturizer called Divine daily moisturizer) my skin is soft, smooth, and not oily in the slightest. I apply my makeup, and off I go for the day. At night, before bed, I use my Shine wipes to remove my makeup, and then rub them on my hands. This kills two birds with one stone! I have been using the Illuminate cleanser since March (I'm on to my second tube now)- so three months now. Each tube lasts me close to 2 months of DAILY use.

This is how fresh, and supply my skin is, and I find I can use less makeup, and get a really natural glow without having to fake it!

You can get the Shine wipes for $20 each (pack of 36 cloths), or you can get them in the "Kid in a Candy Store" ($115) or "All Eyes on You" ($185) collections. They are seriously worth every penny!

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New Month, New Specials! also - New Cream Shadow Shade!

Hello my lovelies!

June 1st is finally here, and with it comes a NEW Monthly Kudos special!

What does Younique have in store for you, you ask?

The "Glitz it Up" Bundle has some great new favorites all combined in s cute makeup bag for $75 - You get a set of the best selling 3D Fiber Lashes, the cream shadow in the shade Tenacious, the cream shadow brush, and Lucrative Lip Gloss in the shade Loyal (which is a clear shimmer). It all comes in a really nice purple and black satin lined makeup bag, which has a great section for storing brushes, and a nice big compartment for all your products!

Also, new for the Month of June is a new Shade of Cream shadow (with several more that will be coming soon!!) called Charming! Charming cream shadow is available for purchase now!

Here is a a photo of me wearing the cream shadow in Elegant, which go on so sily smooth, and a tiny bit goes a long way! Honestly, this picture doesn't capture how shimmery this shadow is - I absolutely love it and can't wait to try all of them!

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