Friday, March 20, 2015

Discover Younique: Natural Mineral Cosmetics that are Good for your Skin

Please register for Discover Younique: Natural Mineral Cosmetics that are Good for your Skin on Mar 27, 2015 8:00 PM EDT at:

In this webinar, I will introduce you to Younique's line of cosmetics that are natural, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and nourishing to your skin. I will take you through a full eye makeup application (including the Best-selling Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara), and give you an overview of the opportunity on how to become a presenter with Younique, and finally how the virtual party system works. Younique's mission is to empower and uplift women; by taking the first step to join this webinar, you are making time to invest in yourself! There are only 100 seats available in this webinar, so grab your spot today! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Para Mis Bellas damas Latinas! Únete a mi equipo! (En Espanol)

Hola chicas!  
Younique maquillaje sólo se ha expandido a México! Busco mujeres latinas que son ciudadanos USA, que el maquillaje amor y tienen amigos y familiares en México!

Muchas mujeres en México les encantaría escuchar acerca de las últimas tendencias y productos de belleza, y ahí es donde te necesitamos!

  • EXCLUSIVOS Latina Fundación Presentador encanto

  • 33 dólares en Y-Cash (crédito de productos)

  • 10-pack de catálogos Younique en español

  • Sitio web personal Younique en español

Este es un mercado sin explotar! Cualquier persona que hace que las ventas en México puede hacer un montón de dinero! Además de las ventajas anteriores, como presentador Younique, usted también recibirá:

  • Kit de maquillaje de un Presentador increíble vale $215.00 por $99! 
  • 20% de comisión sobre todas las ventas a través de su sitio web Younique
  • 20% de descuento (debido a las comisiones) sobre sus propias compras futuras a través de su sitio web Younique 
  • $25 en Y-Cash (Crédito Producto) en tu Cumpleaños cada año!
  • Recompensas recive de alterne (Y-efectivo y artículos con precio medio) por la celebración de sus propios partidos en línea! *Si el partido califica*
Gana dinero al instante dentro de 3 horas de cada venta!

Todo esto se puede hacer con sólo su smartphone!

Si tiene alguna preguntas, sólo pregunte! Si desea Únete a mi equipo como fundador de Estados Unidos Latina Presentador, Simplemente haga clic en "Join Younique" bajo el icono presentador US Latina Fundador AQUÍ

Siga Younique Mexico by Bree en Facebook!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ALL About the lips!


It's time to talk about one of my favorite things...LIP COLOR! I love makeup - especially anything to do with lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencils...whatever. I love it!

I've already done a post previously about OCC's Lip Tars, and how amazing those are - however, as much as I love the concept of mixing my own colors, I have found those to be pretty drying after wearing them for any length of time. (not a deal breaker for me, but, there it is.)

Younique has some awesome lip products!!

First, the Lucrative Lip Gloss - How I love this! This formula feels amazing on your lips, and is non-sticky. The colors are great, Some shades delivery more opaque coverage (Luxe, Lethal, Loveable, Lucky, Luscious, and Ladylike), some have a bit of Sparkle shimmer (Livid, Lavish) while others are more sheer (Loyal, Lovesick). 

Then there are the new Lip Stains, which I am sooo in love with! These apply easily, are totally non-drying, and come in 7 great shades! 

I have one of the new Lip Stains in "Sleek" and I am so in love with it! It is an amazing shade that is perfect on me!  I love they way they apply, and how long lasting they are  - and the fact that they don't "kiss" off! Check out my video of Sleek:

Now there are some great lip pencils too! The lip pencils work great on their own to give some great color - and you can create a great ombre lip effect using different shades working from dark to light! (the Pristine eye pencil is PERFECT for this too!)

But one thing that I LOVE is to use the mineral pigments as a lip color! Yes! You heard right!! The Moodstruck mineral pigments make amazing lip color! Below, I have used the Lip pencil in Pompous to line my lips, then added a touch of Burt's Bee's plain lip balm for moisture, and then using a lip brush, filled in my lips with "Glamorous" pigment! - it has a Matte finish!

and Heartbroken shimmer pigment is great for this too! Adds the perfect shade for lips, with the perfect amount of shimmer! Top it with Lucrative Lip Gloss in Loyal for extra shine!

But, don't just take my word for it, try it yourself! These lip products are nourishing for the lips, natural, hypoallergenic, and gluten-free! (not to mention Cruelty-free!) Grab some of these great lip products HERE, or bundle them with this great lip collection and save some money!! ($99 for 2 lip stains, 2 lip glosses, 2 pencils, and a sharpener & Bag! Choose all of your own colors!)

Tips and Tricks and demos of some amazing Younique Products!

Hello my Lovelies!

It's time for me to share with you, some great tips, tricks and demos for using some of my favorite products! I could literally talk all day about how amazing Younique's product line is, but really, you just have to try it for yourself and you'll understand!

Every single person who has taken the plunge and tried the products - whether it's the 3D Mascara, or the uplift eye serum, or the Glosses, has LOVED them! I always think it's awesome when customers send me a "lash Selfie" because they simply cannot believe how big their lashes get with the 3D Mascara!

Anyway, Younique is so much more than just great Mascara - they have a FABULOUS line of Skin care products from Facial Cleansers, to Moisturizer, to Eye serum, to Rosewater! I can say, after owning my own bath and body company, that these products are amazing!

Once you've gotten past the skin care stage, and you're ready to get into makeup application, The Glorious face and eye primer is a MUST-HAVE! This has 3 amazing uses that I can tell you about right off the top of my head - 1 obviously, as a face primer. This is clear, and goes on like silk! It will smooth over the pores on your face so once you apply your foundation, your face will look flawaless! Also, it will help your makeup to be much more long-lasting. Secondly, as an eye shadow primer - In the video below, I will demonstrate the HUGE difference using the Glorious Face and Eye primer makes when applying dry mineral pigments! Lastly, believe it or not, you can use this face and eye primer in your hair! rub some of the face and eye primer in your hands and run through your hair after you've styles it to use it as a smoothing balm! It gets rid of fly-aways, adds major shine, and leaves your hair looking smooth and beautiful!

Ok, so now that your face has been washed, prepped, and primed, You're ready for makeup application! Younique has a wide selection of Mineral Foundations (Powder and Cream), Mineral concealers, and BB Creams to suit any skin tone or type!

And here is an amazing trick to get rid of those dark under eye circles using a red shade of Lip Liner (Primal works best), BB Flawless, and a Mineral Concealer:

Now you are ready to fully apply the est of your makeup! Check out this quick and easy makeup application that takes only a few minutes to apply!

Here is the list of everything I used in the above Video: Mineral Touch Powder in Taffeta, Mineral Concealer in Fabulous, Mineral Blusher (I had to use something else in the video, because I didn't have mine yet!), Foundation Brush, Concealer brush, Blusher Brush, Glorious Face and eye primer (didn't have it yet in video, but Highly recommend!), Moodstruck mineral pigment in Angelic, Moodstruck mineral pigment in Daring, Deluxe eye Brush, Crease brush, liner/shader brush, Precision Eye Pencil in "Perfect", Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, Recommended Lash Comb, and Lucrative Lip Gloss in "Lovesick"

Lastly, I found something that looks amazing, though I cannot -YET- Comment on how well it works, but I will soon! I ordered mine and should be getting it soon (International shipping though, so it takes a while). For those who don't have a very good result when trying to apply eye shadow or liner, but want to get that amazing look - there is such a thing as eye makeup stencils!! YES! You heard that right! I am not affiliated in any way, but These looked so genius, I had to try it - so I'll do another blog post once I reaceive it and try it out - complete with a video! (I'll also tell you if it's crap.) It was only $15 bucks on, so wirth the risk! (I am not affiliated with this product in any way...just thought it was cool!)

If you have any questions about any of these products, ask away!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Free Product and Color matching to give you the most flattering look!

Hello my lovelies!

I want to try an interesting experiment - I'd love to offer personalized product and shade suggestions that I think would best suit your skin tones and eye color! Everything from Foundation types, to contouring and highlighting, to eye pigments & Liners, and also lip colors to give you ana amazing overall look!

How can we do this?

Send a Photo to me, of your face as the central focus. It must be taken in NATURAL LIGHT so I can really see what your skin tone is. Also make sure I can clearly see your eye color.

you can email the photo to me at - and from there, I will analyze your photo, and place products/shades just to the side in the photo so you can see what the recommended products are for you, and in which shades. Once I have that complete, I will post it in a new post so people can see the results!

This is an example of how the products will be placed to the side and in which shades:

I will also right up a little paragraph explaining what to do with each product and how to use it.

*If you would like this done privately, we can do that too, and I won't post it, just let me know!*

This doesn't cost you anything, and I love doing this kind of "Makeover" look - and if you want to try any of the products that I suggest, you can order them right through my page:

(Shop Natural Mineral Makeup Lovers Younite!)

or you can click PARTY if you want to host a party and get some hostess credits that you can use towards grabbing some of the recommended products!

I would love to help you choose your palette!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New 2015 Fashion Week Inspired Makeup Trends - get it with Younique!

Fashion Week is where the latest trends in Hair, Makeup, and of course, Fashion, emerge! Here are the trends for 2015 in makeup that have been seen everywhere from New York to Milan:

1.) A Bronzed-Dewy complexion: Models at the Micheal Kors, Ralph Lauren, Balmain, and Isabel Marant shows had the sun-kissed look with a youthful glow:

This look can easily be achieved with Younique's NEW Mineral Beachfront Bonzers! They come in three shades to flatter any skin tone:

2.) Bold Plum and Red Lip color: It seems like the 90's are coming back with deep bold lip colors! Everything from dark plums, to fiery oranges, to Bold Reds are making a statement on the catwalks this season:

You can easily get this look with the line of Younique's NEW "Stiff Upper Lip" Lip stains, and also with the Lucrative Mineral Lip gloss for added shine!

3.) Black Inky Eyes (fine lines and smoky): Black eyeliner is also making a statement on the runways this season with both fine lines, graphic liner, and also the traditional smoky eye look:

Grab Younique's awesome liner/shader brush and a Mineral pigment in "Corrupted" for the perfect coal-black liner! with the brush, you can achieve the fine lines of a liquid eyeliner if applied wet, and also a smoky appearance if you blend it a bit around the eye area.

4.)  Eyeliner with a pop of Color: It seems color is also making a comeback, but with just a flash here and there - If you're doing Bold lips, keep the eyes simple - if you want a muted lip, go for that pop of color around the eyes!

Younique has some great colors of Gel precision pencil eye liners that go on smoothly and don't smudge off! Colors range from Silver, Gold, Blue, Green, and even the Purple shade below in "Passionate"

5.) Flushed Cheeks: That "I just ran a mile" look is also making an appearance on the runway - Flushed cheeks with bright Blushes:

Younique has a NEW Line of pressed Mineral Blushers that can help you achieve this same great effect:

6.) Minimalist Makeup: Yes, this is a thing! some of the runway models look like they hopped out of the shower with not a stitch of makeup on. Of course they has some, but the idea is to look as natural and fresh faced as possible:

Younique can do this too - there is an amazing line of BB creams, and Jus tthe palest hint of color on the cheeks and you can top it off with the amazing Lucrative Lip gloss in "Loyal" which is the clear shade.

7.) Brown/Bronze shadows: The brown/coppery smokey eye look is giving the Black smokey eye look a run for it's money this season on the runways:

Younique has an amazing array of coppery brown Pigments in both shimmer and matte shades, as well as precision eye pencils in 2 shades of brown. They have also just added a NEW line of Cream shadows called "Splurge" that have a luxurious satiny feel and give a dewey appearance to the eye. Currently there are 5 shades available with more shades coming soon, 3 of the 5 shades are metallic gold/bronze/taupe shades.

8.) Mauve/burgundy shadows: Adding some red tones to the eye area is a great look, and hitting the runways in 2015:

Younique has an AMAZING pigment called "Heartbroken" that is absolutely gorgeous and is also a shimmer shade for an added sparkle:

9.) PURPLE! for spring: Purple is so hot right now - it seems it's not only for brown/green eyed gals anymore, and it making a splash on the runways this season:

Younique's pigment in Royal is PERFECT for this trend - it's a stunning shimmer bright purple pigment that will definitely get noticed!

The best part about all of the Younique products, is that they are natural, gluten-free, latex-free, hypo-allergenic, and Cruelty-free!!

You can shop my open party HERE (open to everyone!) to grab some of these products and get any of these Fashion Week inspired Looks!