Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Younique Products coming September 1, 2015! Come and see!!

Hello fellow makeup addicts!!

I have some amazing news - NEW Products are coming!!

So after seeing the August Monthly Kudos, and that it contained a LIPSTICK! (not a lip gloss, or a lip stain, but an ACTUAL LIPSTICK!) I had a clue that Lipstick was going to be one of the new products joining the ranks, and I was right!

Coming September 1, 2015 - There will be a whole line of "Opulence" Lipsticks that will be available in 15 glorious shades for $19 each!

I currently grabbed the August Kudos for $49 (Bronzer, precision pencil and Opulence Lipstick) because I couldn't wait until September to try the lipstick! That, and I am a sucker for Limited edition items! The color called "Stuck Up" that is available with the August Kudos package will NOT be available in the September 15 shade lineup! So, if that looks like a color you NEED, than you should grab it now! I have been told it is almost identical to the shade "Pouty" in the precision lip pencil line - and here is a comparison photo to Pouty (Pouty is on the left, the Stuck up Opulence lipstick is on the right):

OK, so aside from Lipstick, what else is coming??

SHADOW PALETTES!!! People have been going crazy over those Urban Decay Nude palettes, and I think these new Younique palettes, called "addiction", will give those a run for their money! I don't have any info on price yet, for these, but will update when I have it!

I am totally lusting over Palette 2 and 3!! Tell me in the comments which ones are your favorites!

Also coming is Brow Gel and Brow Liner!! This is a match made in heaven, that will give your face the perfect framing. The brow gel and liner will each be sold for $19, and will be sold in 3 shades: Light, medium, and dark. Apparently, the brow gel also has VERY fine fibers in it to give your brows a more "full" look! Not only do we have fibers for lashes, but now for brows too?!? AWESOME!! The liner with the brush at the end reminds me VERY much of Brow Wiz by Anastasia of Beverly Hills (which I have, and love, so I will definitely be trying these!).

and last but certainly not least, new LIQUID foundation and LIQUID concealer! Not only can you still get the great mineral touch poweder, and cream formulations, but now liquid too! These will be an amazing pair with the blending buds! These will also be available in many shades - I don't yet have pricing info on this, but will soon!

as if new products weren't enough, I also anticipate that there will be a new shade of SPLURGE cream shadow, since we've had a new one released each month, and there will be NEW COLLECTIONS that will be highlighting these new products, not to mention an ALL NEW PRESENTER'S KIT!!

The Cloud Nine collection: Comes with your choice of shadow palette, your choice of shades for liquid foundation and concealer, Your shade of brow gel and liner, and also a lipstick shade of your choosing!! talk about customizing perfect! I of course, also comes with the 3d Fiber Lashes+ and a cute makeup bag! (I will DEFINITELY be grabbing this collection as soon as it launches! This is EXACTLY what I save my "Half Price" items for from my Party hostess rewards!

HINT: If you haven't had an online party yet, book one with me now, and get hostess credits (YCash AND half price items) that you can use to get this collection for HALF OFF!!!

and a couple more sneak Peeks at upcoming collections:

and the NEW Presenter's Kit! I haven't heard anything about whether the price will be changing, but for now, I will assume that it will still be $99 -

That is an AMAZING kit right there!  The New Catalog will also be out September 1st!!

I am looking for more Makeup loving women to join my team! Presenters get amazing perks and discounts...see my post here that explains all the benefits of Joining. And if you're still thinking about Joining, but want to baby step in, Host a party first to see how it all works!! Check out my post here on TEN reasons to Host a Younique party!

I can't wait until September!!!


Anyone in ANY country that Younique ships to, can place orders with me! or Join my team! (Updated!)

So I am not sure if this is clear for some of you who may be new  potential customers to Younique, or just hearing about it for the first time, so I wanted to get this out there:

As long as you live in a country that Younique ships to:
  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Germany
You can order online from ANY Younique presenter, no matter what country that presenter is from. You do not need to order from a presenter that is in your own country. Of course, you CAN do this, but you do not have to. If you do not know of any Younique presenters in your area, you can order from me! Chances are you found this blog, so...Here I am, ready to assist you!

For an easier shopping experience, you can click on the little Flag button at the top right of my presenter website (shown below), and choose the language and country you are from to make shopping easier! My website will then re-display in the language of your choice!

Take a look at our amazing product selection here, and add whatever you wish to your cart, and checkout! it's that easy!

You can also join my team as a presenter, no matter what country you are in! I am in the USA, but would LOVE to have a presenter on my team (or many!) from EACH Younique territory!

When you place an order online, you will be asked which country your order is shipping to. You check the correct one off, then fill in your shipping address, and pay for your order via credit card (secure checkout) or Paypal, and That's it! Your order ships directly to you, from whichever warehouse is closest to your delivery address.

To Join my team, You simply go to my presenter page HERE and click JOIN at the top menu. In fact, here is a direct link to Join!

Beginning September 1st, 2015, there is a NEW presenter kit coming for $99!!! and I have a sneak peek!!!

seriously, what are you waiting for?!? This makeup is seriously amazing, natural, made from very high quality ingredients, and you can have lashes like this!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Younique Welcomes Germany! German Residents can now Join Younique! Read for details!

Welcome to our Happy Y-Family, Germany!

German Residents can now Join Younique as Presenters! Orders can start being placed beginning September 1st!!

If you Join Now, you can become one of the FIRST 999 founding German Presenters!! This is an amazing opportunity to potentially reach the Coveted "Black Status" quickly!!

For the English Translation:

  • You can become a Younique Presenter in Germany on August 1, 2015
  • Customers in can purchase Younique products beginning September 1, 2015
  • German Presenters can resell product as well as participate in trade shows and events
  • There are no order limits
  • All you need is a Tax ID and be of Majority age to sign up as a Younique presenter!

If you are a German Resident, and want to become a Younique Presenter, you can JOIN MY TEAM, and I will Personally train you!! Sign up Now if you want to be one of the first 999 Presenters!!!

Younique August 2015 Specials - NEW LIPSTICK?!?

Hello my Makeup loving friends!

I wanted to share with you, Younique's new Monthly Kudos special for August! The THREE FOR ME Bundle - this is one that you wont want to miss!!

for just $49 (USD) you will get:

And just to give you an idea of a comparison shade to "Stuck Up": Do you love our Moodstruck precision lip pencil in Pouty? Stuck up is almost identical to pouty, except in a creamy lipstick format!

See? Pouty on the left, Stuck up on the right.

So aside from getting an amazing new Lipstick (if you are a lip junkie like me, you know that this means if there is one color, there will be MORE to come!!) You can also customize this cute little set to get the perfect shade of bronzer for your skin tone that will get you that dewy summer glow that has been seen all over the runways this year! Not to mention, you can grab a lip or eye pencil of your choice! Perfect opportunity to grab Pouty to match your lipstick!!

Also, if you are going to grab this super cute set, why not throw our new 3D Fiber Lashes+ along for the ride? You can get a complete makeup application with just 4 products! The bronzer for all over the face, an eye pencil (hello, perfect!), the 3D Fiber Lashes+, and gorgeous dusky-rose colored lips with the New Opulence lipstick!

Do I need to remind you again of what JUST ONE COAT of 3D Fiber Lashes+ looks like??


Seriously, If you haven't grabbed this mascara yet, you are doing yourself a disservice! just add it to your cart, and I promise, you won't regret it!

And while we are on the subject of new - we have another shade of SPLURGE cream shadow! Joining the ranks of Elegant, Dainty, Tenacious, charming, and Dreamy, is NOBLE!


Do you need more Incentive???

Schedule a party with me in August, and get a FREE Mineral eye Pigment of your choice! You have nothing to lose! Even if your party doesn't qualify for Hostess rewards (Party must get $200 in orders to qualify) you will still get a FREE Mineral eye Pigment as a gift for hosting! Hosting a party is FREE, and can all be done right on social media! Have Facebook? Google+? Instagram? or Pinterest? You can host a party!

Or you know, if you want the whole Kit n Kaboodle ( or $256 worth of makeup) for $99 - sign up as a presenter to get all this stuff!!!

this just means you get $256 worth of makeup for $99, and you now have a free website that you can place orders though for yourself, which you will always get 20% back on through commission. Also, you can give your website to friends so that if they want to order, they get it through you, and you get 20% commission on their orders too. This all gets paid to you, immediately (within 3 hours of an order being placed) through Payquicker, which is just like Paypal. Oh, and you can also host your own parties and get the hostess rewards as many times as you can rack up that Y-Cash and those half priced items for yourself!!

  • You do not have to buy any products other than the above kit for $99, ever.
  • You do not need to do house parties, or vendor events, unless you WANT to.
  • You only need to sell $125 QUARTERLY in order to keep your status active (which, if you order for yourself only, and you spend $35 a month, that will keep you active)
  • That is absolutely it. You don't have to do "sales" if you don't want to.
  • you can place orders for yourself, or other people using even just your phone, you don't need a computer.
  • You don't need to enter your credit card for orders, Younique accepts Paypal!