Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 2015 Kudos: FREE Black Liquid Eyeliner pen when you buy Splurge set of 3!

Hello everyone!

The NEW Kudos for December is HERE!!! I've been anxiously waiting to see what this month's special would be, thinking I needed to grab the NEW PURPLE!! Splurge Shadow I knew was coming out today - Dec 1st...and lo and behold, the December Kudos is tied into that!

For this month only, when you buy a Splurge Cream shadow set of 3 (You can choose any 3 shades out of the 15 available) for $70, You will also receive a FREE  never-before-seen Black Liquid Eyeliner pen! Not only is liquid eyeliner my favorite, but this pen design, seriously delivers the best and foolproof application! Before Younique had this, my Go-to Liquid eyeliner was Stila's Stay All Day Liquid liner in Intense Black. I was running low, you see, and was contemplating grabbing another when Younique literally decided to gift wrap this new product exactly when I needed it!!

With the Holidays - Christmas Parties, and then New Year's Eve - quickly approaching, There are certain products that are essential for getting that perfect Holiday party look.

I will totally be grabbing the Splurge cream shadow in Majestic (royal Purple), Tenacious (Gold Metallic), and Skeptical (Black) to perfect that shimmery-smokey eye look, witch will go perfectly with my new black liquid liner, Topped off with 3D Fiber Lashes +, and a red Lip using Opulence Lipstick in "Stinkin' Rich" with just a touch of the Tenacious splurge over it for a golden shimmer.

Since the new Younique catalog will be coming in February, I am betting money that the Eye primer we saw last month, and this month's Liquid Liner will be joining the Younique family (at least, a girl can dream!)

But as for the new Splurge shadow shades I mentioned, we just got THREE new ones bringing the total number of shades available now to 15. Released today were:

Majestic: (Gorgeous!!)

and Defiant:

Oh, and if you haven't already - you really do NEED the Liquid mineral Touch Foundation...and the 3D Fiber Lashes+ in your makeup bag...not only are they literally flying off the shelves, but these are the mother of all must-have beauty products...they will revolutionize the way you see yourself in the mirror! Photoshop in a bottle meets False Lashes in a Tube! A match made in Makeup Heaven!

If you would like some product and/or shade recommendations, just send me an email at: Sharkdiver2580@gmail.com and I will hook you up!

Wishing you all a warm & Happy Holiday Season!