Friday, February 27, 2015

How to get the best "Bang" for your buck when buying makeup

So every woman (and many men!) love makeup, and would be lost without it - but sometimes when we shop for makeup, we have a limited budget, but WANT. IT. ALL. So how do we narrow down that list to get the most products that will give you the most "complete" look without sacrificing dollars?

I'll tell you!

(Being a bit of a scrooge and wanting the most for my money pays off!)

Rather than shopping for individual items, look at things like "palettes", sets, collections, and kits. Every makeup brand is going to have at least 1 item if not more that are the "most popular" items. You may or may not have found your way to shopping at one of these brands because of a particular item that caught your eye. But, before you jump the gun and rush to the checkout with that 1 item in your hand, take a look at the value of what a set or bundle may have to offer.

You could say, "But why should I physically spend more, when I can just get this 1 thing for less?"

Well, You certainly can, but chances are, if you are like most people, as you browsed through the website, or the actual makeup counter, *something* else caught your eye. Sure, you may be able to resist, and promise that you'll come back for it another time, but will power is something hard to come by for most will haunt your dreams!

so take a moment to look at the collections - Typically, you can try many products for less than the cost of buying each of the contained products individually.

For example, Benefit cosmetics now has a "Make Your Own" kit, which has a cost of $79 - There are 4 full size products in the kit, and you can choose which items, and in which shades you want it. If you look at the individual item cost of EACH of those items, they add up to over $100.00 - so you're saving at least $20 bucks, which is like getting one of the products for free.

These types of kits are great if you want more than one item, and you just need to figure out how to get everything you want, and still not pay full price for each item.

Another way to do this, is to check Sephora - they have a variety of makeup brands, and often put together value sets, such as "Sephora Favorites" - sometimes the products are full size, and sometimes they are smaller sample sizes, but you still get great value for the amount of product.

Aside from just getting quantity though, I always look at kits to fit 2 basic needs: 1.) if it has a little of everything to be able to do a full face makeup application  - suchs as some kind of concealer or foundation, mascara, liner, shadow, and something for the lips. Or 2.) if I have some products and just need something for the lips and eyes, or just the eyes...somehow if it's a complete "set" in some way, will make it more attrative to me - I'll feel like I'm getting everything I want, and nothing I don't for the money i'm spending.

Younique has some fantastic bundles that will be going away after tomorrow (with new completely different ones replacing them!) such as:

This is the Singular Sensation collection - this is exactly what I was talking about - if someone was new to Younique, and wanted to get a "true feel" for the makeup, this would be the BEST kit for them to purchase because it has a complete makeup set for your whole face: It has the Mineral Touch foundation, 1 mineral eye pigment (the customer can choose the shade from 32 colors), 1 precision eye pencil in the color of their choice, 1 lip liner in the color of their choice, a set of the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, and a lucrative lip gloss in the color of their choice. These products add up to a $118.50 value, for $99.

The Overall BEST value, and "Bang for your buck" though, would come from the NEW Presenter's kit with Younique - it has a little of everything, and even more than what you see above!

The New Kit which is available starting March 1, 2015 is a $215.50 value for $99: it has the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, THREE Pigments, TWO eye pencils, 1 lip liner, THREE high quality eye brushes, 1 lucrative lip gloss, and 1 Divine Daily Moisturizer. Not only do you save over $100 on this kit, but you also, as a presenter, get 20% commission on every sale you make...which includes your own purchases - That is the same as getting a constant 20% discount on anything you buy! Even better? as a presenter, you can still host your own virtual parties and still get all the hostess rewards ON TOP of the commission!!

what does that mean in terms of saving Money on makeup?

when you earn hostess rewards, you get both YCash, which is free product credit equivalent to dollar value. You also get HALF PRICE ITEMS. This isn't such a big deal is you're buying an eye pencil, or just 1 small thing, but you can get the HUGE collections for 50% OFF! Things like the "Gimme Everything" collection which retail for $290 - you can get this for $145 - that is a savings of $145 with hostess credits!!! and the shades are all customizable!

So next time you need or want a few items, before you go grab them and run to the checkout, take a peek at whatever collections are offtered, because there may be one that has everything you were about to buy, and an extra item or two, which would be like getting somthing free! You never know unless you look!

NEW products, catalog, and collections coming on SUNDAY 3/1/15!! 


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