Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Newsletter, and New Product announcements!! and Lots of Great Younique info!

Hi everyone!

Everyone who has previously purchased Younique products through me, I have added you to my newsletter so that you can be kept up to date with new happenings with Younique! Anyone new and reading this, you can enter your email on the navigation pane on the right, and all of my updates to this blog will be automatically emailed to your inbox so you don't miss anything!

Lots to update you on!

As February comes to a close, we have 4 days only remaining to grab the limited edition "Love It" bundle and earn DOUBLE Party points for any orders placed in the last days of February!

The "Love It" Bundle contains the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, a Lucrative Lip Gloss in "Lovesick" (which is a sheer pinkish/red with a touch of shimmer) and the super popular Precision eye pencil in "Passionate" which is a Bright purple! The Bundle is $50 (for $60 worth of product!)

Coming in March! 4 More days!! We have a NEW Catalog, 6 New Products joining the ranks, some amazing new collection kits, and a NEW Presenter's kit! The New products: "Splurge" Creme Shadow, a new Creme shadow brush, "Stiff Upper Lip" Lip stains, Bronzer, Blending Buds, and "Shine" Makeup remover wipes can all be purchased individually, or all together in a new cute bundle! The Bundle is $115 ($140 value)

and the new collections are absolutely AMAZING! They have a little bit of everything, and are completely CUSTOMIZABLE!! You can choose which shades you want of each item (where shade selection is applicable) to truly make this a kit that is perfect for you, or for someone special as a Gift! The Pucker Up set is all about the Lips - choose 2 lip stain shades for long lasting matte color that nourishes your lips, 2 Shades of Lucrative Lip Gloss, and 2 shades of Precision Lip Liners! It also comes with a sharpener for the liners, and a cute makeup bag! $99 ($111.50 value)

The "Show Stopper Kit" which looks AWESOME has a little bit of everything, and is a great deal for the price! $155  ($177.50 value) - comes with 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, Bronzer (choose your shade), Mineral Touch Foundation (Choose your shade), Lip stain (choose your shade), 2 Mineral Pigments (choose your shades), 2 precision eye pencils (choose your shades), a sharpener, and a makeup bag!

The About Face is ALL about the face! $175 ($212 value) comes with the BB Cream (choose your shade), Uplift Eye serum (Botox in a bottle!), Pressed mineral blusher (choose your shade), Mineral concealer (choose your shade), Blending Buds, a Blusher Brush, and a cute bag!

and Finally, what I am MOST excited about - the NEW Presenter's kit! $99 (215.50 value!) Comes with a beautiful makeup case, a shade stick (for foundation/concealer matching), the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, 2 Precision Eye Pencils (in Pristine and Perfect), 1 Precision Lip Pencil in (Pompous), 3 Mineral Pigments, 1 Lucrative Lip Gloss (Lethal I believe), 1 Divine Daily Moisturizer, 1 shade/angle brush, 1 deluxe eye brush, 1 crease brush - and of course your starting White status charm! These are all FULL SIZE products that are YOURS to use. The point of the presenters kit, is so that you as a presenter have an opportunity to dive into the products and get to know them so that you can talk about them and have a familiarty. You CAN use them to demo if you do home parties, but that is your choice. This business is designed to be marketed and sold online though "Virtual" parties, elminating the need for travel and do traditional "Cash and carry" methods for parties. That is in the past! The only investment is the $99 for your kit!

And just to explain on how being a presenter works: Once you Join (which you can do from my Presenter page HERE) You pay for your kit, and it gets shipped out to you. Younique will email you with a link with your personal website. This is the website you will use for sales! You will also get an email from Payquicker (which is just like Paypal) to verify your account. When someone makes a purchase through your Younique presenter page, the 20% commission will get deposited into your payquicker account within 3 hours of that sale! When you've earned $50 in commissions, they will automatically issue you a visa debit card that is linked to your payquicker account. You can use your debit card anywhere Visa is accepted using the funds in your payquicker account. Parties are all done on social media (mostly facebook).

People can click "Party" on your Younique presenter's page, and schedule a party. You will get notified by email when this happens, and you should then reach out to that person and create a closed group for them on facebook and tell them to invite their friends. From there, you post about the products (since you are now familiar with them), Post photos, videos, articles, play games - whatever you want - to keep people engaged and showing off the products. When people place orders through the hostess' party link, you as the presenter earn 20% commissions on all sales, and the hostess earns Points. In order for a party to "qualify" (which means the hostess is eligible for rewards) she must earn 2000 points. Points are calculated on item cost x 100. For example, the Fiber Lash mascara is $29 - This would earn the hostess 290 points when someone buys it. Below I have a chart that shows the breakdown in how hostess rewards are earned:

Is it worth it to host a party? ABSOLUTELY! If you are a woman, chances are you have friends/family who love makeup, and will be interested in learning about makeup that is natural, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, latex-free, and Cruelty-free! If they buy, you could get YCash toward free product AND half price items (This is good on big collections! 50% off on $155 is only $$77.50!) Also, the products are great for all ages!

Is it worth it to become a presenter? ABSOLUTELY! You get a >50% discount on a makeup kit (presenter kit $99, valued at $215), and you can either buy products through your own page, essentially giving you a constant 20% discount on anything you buy, or if other people buy, you earn money! You don't lose anything if you can't make it work - you can an awesome makeup kit, for half price. I will be PERSONALLY training all of my team though, so I have faith that you can make it work! I will say, In the first month I joined, I achieved yellow status, had one presenter already under me, and already made a few hundred in commissions. I also now make 25% commisions now that I am at Yellow status. If *I* Can do it, with a full time job, and two 8 month old twins...so can you!

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