Friday, April 24, 2015

Get Cinderella's Look with Younique!

Hello my lovelies!

Deep down, every girl wishes she was a princess - maybe not because she needs a fairy tale prince, but because they are adored by all, beautiful, and they have their "Happily ever after!"

We may not be able to really be princesses, but we can look like one!

My favorite (and my kids favorite) is Cinderella:

In both the original animated Disney classic, and the new live action Disney version, Cinderella has very natural looking makeup that accentuates her natural beauty. This look is so easy to achieve with Younique! Just click on the OPEN Party to shop!

First, start by evening your complexion with the BB Flawless that is closest to your skin tone.

Then, use the Moodstruck Precision Pencil in Prim to fill in your eyebrows

Apply he Glorious Face and eye primer to your lids to get the Mineral pigments to really stand out.

Below the brow, apply the shimmer pigment in Sexy to highlight and soften.

On the Lids, apply the Matte shade Beautiful, and in the Crease, use the shimmer shade Daring

You can also use Daring (applied with with liner brush) as an eyeliner, or you can use the darker brown Moodstruck precision pencil in Proper just above your lash line.

Apply the Moodstruck 3D Fiber lashes. The Live action cinderella did not have over -accentuated lashes, but the original Animted Cinderella did! I say go for it!

For the cheeks, dab on the Moodstruck pressed blusher in "Sweet" for a natural looking flush

Lastly, on the lips, Go with the Stiff Upper Lip stain in Shy to capture Live action Cinderella's look!

If you want to do a Cinderella "inspired look" using colors that are reminiscent of her dress, I would suggest: Cream shadow in Elegant, or Sexy and Playful on the eyes, and Lucrative Lip gloss in Loveable

 Lip gloss in Loveable:

and THAT my friends, is how you transform into Cinderelly!



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