Friday, November 20, 2015

Younique November 2015 Monthly Kudos, and a Look at the TOP 4 MUST HAVE Younique Products!

Hello everyone!

Not only am I writing here to tell you what the November 2015 Monthly Kudos special is (Sorry I'm late on this by the way...) I am here to tell you how to make the MOST of this offer, especially with the Holidays quickly approaching!!

So this month, November 2015 through November 30th - Younique is tossing in a FREE limited Edition never-before-seen Eye Primer that boasts Bolder eye color, as well as non-transferable smudge-proof eye makeup applications! You will receive this eye primer if you place an order for $130 or more through your Younique Presenter via online....which would be me!

There are lots of ways you can spend $130, obviously, as you can browse the website and toss in anything you want until your cart hits $130 - or you can shop smartly and get the most "bang for your Buck".

My first suggestion, is to check out the Collections - these, because they are bundled together, offer items that a discount rather than placing a bunch of items individually in your cart. Also, these collections are fully customizable, so you can still get your perfect shades that you want to get.

For example:

The Cloud Nine, The Girl's Night Out, and the Heartbreaker collections are each $145, where you can choose all the colors and shades of each product it comes with. These are often discounted by 10-15%. If you had your eye on all of the "newer" products that launched this past September, I suggest grabbing the Cloud Nine, as it has all of them in it! However, if you want a full-face makeup application, you should grab the Girl's night out:


A different way of looking at this, is saying: What makeup do I already have at home in my Makeup bag that doesn't need replacing, and what are the MUST HAVE Younique items that are game-changers when it comes to products?

For me, If I had to recommend the TOP 4 MUST HAVE products by Younique that every woman should have in their makeup arsenal, it would be:

1.) Liquid Mineral Touch Foundation - $39. This is literally photoshop in a bottle. Even if you are blessed with a pretty nice complexion, You may still have unevenness, redness in some areas, or dark circles. This is your Holy Grail Foundation you have been looking for. It also dries to a nice powder finish, and feels invisible! In the below picture, I literally ONLY applied this (in the shade Taffeta for those who are wondering) with my blending bud. It's like Night and day! I have not yet done any highlighting or contouring - this is just a straight up application of the Liquid Mineral Touch foundation:

2.) 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara  - $29 :  there is no surprise here. I have made no secret about my love affair with this mascara, it truly is better than any mascara I have EVER used. It makes my lashes look fuller, longer and more dramatic, all while nourishing them, and making them grow in fuller in longer naturally! it's a Win-Win! Seriously, just look at the picture directly above this one, and then look here to see how amazing of a difference this stuff makes! THIS is why I am a Younique Presenter right here...this is HOLY GRAIL Mascara. Do Yourself a favor, and seriously buy this. I 100,000,000% Gaurantee that you will not regret it!

3.) The Addiction Shadow Palettes  - $49 : It doesn't even matter which one you get, they are ALL amazing. I personally own and Love #3, as it's the plums and pinks, which are lovely for my green eyes, but You get SEVEN intense Bold colors. These are designed to wear more than one at once, and they provide so many different ways of getting different "looks!" The Younique Loose Mineral Pigments are nice, and you can buy them in sets, however, they become cumbersome to store - this is all in a nice case around the size of an iphone 6. Also, a little dab of this shadow goes a LONG way. I am officially in LOVE! In the below picture, I used the Glorious face and eye primer as a base, (which, you don't need to worry about right now, because I'm going to get you this new FREE eye primer, so fear not!) then applied Smitten below my brow, Flippant on inner corners of my lid, Cheeky on outer corners and in crease, then I dabbed a little touch of Ecstatic in the center of my lid.

4.) The Opulence Lipstick - $19 : Sure, there are millions of different lipsticks out there, and lots of really great ones, (and I have tried many!) But I am absolutely in love with the quality and texture of this lipstick - it is creamy without being too thick, it's long lasting, it's non-drying, and it comes in so many great shades. The Lip stains are nice too because they are really long wearing and kiss proof, but there is a little bit of a routine you have to go through to truly get a smooth and even application, but for a instant gratification of lip color, the Opulence Lipsticks are easy to apply, no lip liner needed as they don't feather at the edges of your lips, and they are hydrating and long wearing without being sticky - they literally feel like you are wearing lip balm. Directly below, I am wearing the Shade "Affluent" which is a beautiful natural/neutral pink shade. Below that, (sorry for the crappy pic) I am wearing Swanky which is one of the darker brown shimmer shades...gorgeous!

If you were to put all 4 of these MUST HAVE items in your cart, the total would be $136, which will also get you the FREE Eye Primer as long as you order before November 30th - AND since your order is over $100, it also qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!! By the way, the Cloud Nine Collection has ALL 4 of the above products, PLUS the brow liner, Brow Gel, and Skin Perfecting Concealer - and a cute makeup Bag! (so that's $9 more for THREE additional products, and a makeup bag!)

With the Holidays approaching - Christmas, and especially New Years Eve, it's time to Treat yourself!


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