Friday, September 4, 2015

Splurge Cream Shadow by Younique...Simply Gorgeous!

If you have not yet heard about how amazing the Splurge Cream shadows are from Younique, well, I am going to tell you...


Currently, there are 7 shades available, with 5 more on the way!

First, let me say that a teeny, tiny bit of this, goes a LONG way. This will last you a very long time! The formula is such that when you apply it, it does not migrate to the creases in your eye - it's creaseless! It also lasts all day long. I seriously apply my makeup every morning around 8am, and it's still going strong when I take my makeup off before bed (using my SHINE wipes, of course!)

Younique does also sell a Cream shadow brush for application, but honestly, I usually use my fingertip to apply a very small amount, because it gives a more diffused look that's all personal Preference though. The cream shadow is $26 each, or three for $70 and the brush is $15. The New Presenter's kit comes with both a Splurge cream shadow (In Tenacious) and a brush along with many other amazing products for just $99*

So back to the Splurge cream shadow - I am the proud owner of 2 of the current 7 shades, and I love them both! I have Elegant and Noble:


And Noble:

and to get a better idea (skin test) of how all the current shades (minus the new one - Extravagant), Here is how they all look on the skin!:

Serious, SERIOUS Sparkle! I have and love shimmer shadows, but these are beyond that...these make my eyes sparkle like diamonds!

If you love Shimmer shadows, and love long wearing makeup that is easy to remove, you NEED these in your life!

The newest member of the cream shadow brigade is "Extravagant" which falls somewhere between Elegant and Tenacious:

 and there are still 5 more coming!! There will be a turquoise blue, a forest green, a black, a royal purple, and a coral pink!


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